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When can I prune my Italian Buckthorn - Rhamnus alaternus argenteovariegata

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a very leggy Italian Buckthorn that I uncovered whilst thinning out my front hedge. Could someone please tell me the best time to prune this shrub. I would like to do it now but I'm not sure.

On plant Italian Buckthorn - Rhamnus alaternus argenteovariegata




I'm probably too late, but I have just bought one of these and was told it stands pruning. Another website lists it as " probably will need pruning".
As to when; sorry no idea!

7 Sep, 2009


Thank you so much Seadog.

I did go ahead a prune part of it and that bit has become thicker and bushier. I shall prune the whole thing back by half next time and look forward to a more even bushier specimen. Thanks for you tip, I would be keen to see what your Italian Buckthorn looks like.


7 Jul, 2010

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