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Peony Roses

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

As I have said previously I am totally new to gardening There are 3 mature peony rose bushes round the back of the flats where I live. When they are fully grown in the summer they fall over onto the path and the neighbours just trample over them! I am thinking about taking cuttings or some of the plant and transplanting it to the front gardens where there are no pedestrians but I'm not sure a) if its too late to do it this year as all the leaves are out, or b) how to do it.



are they the peony that is all leaf and non woody? If they are the herbaceaous sort you could try staking them up off the ground. Then in the autumn when the foliage has died back you can ift them with as much soil as possible and transplant. they have a thick brown fleshy root abit like a dahlia tuber.
Hope this helps.
welcome to GoY by the way.

3 May, 2009


Thanks. They are all leafy. I will transplant in the autum as per your advice, cheers!

3 May, 2009

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