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What type of tree do you think this is. It grew this large in 18mths dont know where it came from just appeared in the front garden. Any thoughts?




It looks very much like a Rowan, a gift from the birds, it produces red/orange berries a feast for our feathered friends.

29 May, 2012


Looks like an Ash to me, but then again...ive just been up the pub !!!!!

29 May, 2012


Thanks Dido great information. It hasnt produced berries yet do you think that is down to the age?

29 May, 2012


I think it's Ash too, best get it dug up as as you have noticed they are extremely fast growing x

29 May, 2012


Thanks Andy hope you enjoyed a nice summer drink. Do you think an ash would grow to 5ft in 18 months I have no idea about trees in afraid.

29 May, 2012



29 May, 2012


Thanks All

29 May, 2012


Have a look where the leaves come out of the main stem....there should be some buds tucked away in the leaf axis. If those buds are black, it's an ash...or fraxinus excelsior

29 May, 2012


This is certainly an ash and unless it is one of the fancy ashes (sorbus) you need to remove pdq otherwise you will have something that want to grow into an extremely large tree.

29 May, 2012


Maybe should have gone to the pub! Lol

29 May, 2012


In the four years I've been in my current house I've had tens of these seedlings shoot up.

Some I keep depending on the location, but others have been dug up and transplanted to the neighbouring woodland.

The main one was about 2ft when I moved in with a trunk about 2inches. It now stands at somewhere over 10ft.

I even have some pot bound and they don't struggle with growth.

One thing I've noticed with these is that the roots seem to stay close to the surface, and roots can be quite large relative to the trunk size.

30 May, 2012

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