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My dad died and so did his kumquat tree. I have nursed the tree back to health and it has been growing fine for a few years however it has not had any fruit since growing back. The leaves have now started falling off again and some leaves are curling and turning black. Why didnt it fruit again and will it live?



I imagine it is in a pot - is it big enough, and are you feeding it? If the leaves are actually curling and turning black, it sounds more like a disease or pest rather than a lack of care on your part. Any chance of a picture?

30 May, 2012


Hello and welcome to GOY Linda sorry on your loss .

I was just going to say the same of Gattina .

Yes a picture would be great.

30 May, 2012


Are you misting it regularly, we've just got citrus trees and the first thing they did was drop leaves, we mist twice a day, keep the compost moist, feed with summer citrus food(gosh they are picky!) and have them on wheels to move them around if its too sunny...or not.....still learning but have new leaves and losing less

30 May, 2012

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