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Heucherella Alabama Sunrise....
Has anyone else had the problem of the veins disappearing from their Heucherella? Could this be a deficiency? The plant is appears to be healthy enough otherwise. Thanks for any comments :)




Should have added it is growing in part shade, receiving the same amount of sun as hostas, ferns and acer - they all seem fine.

29 May, 2012


I,ve a dark leaved one with pink splashes that had virtually gone, it gets the morning sun now and the pink is becoming more aparrant

30 May, 2012


If you 'google image' Scottish..... Alabama sunrise Heucherella you will find your image is already on there!!!It does seem to have a lot of variability in the leaves if you compare images. I find Berry Smoothy only comes to life when it makes fresh leaves in April May. Spot light only Lights up when it puts up fresh leaves. One of my Heucheras has gone very pallid and washed out looking and I've moved it into shade. I don't know the name of it. Vicki of Plantagogo says that the leaves change seasonally.

30 May, 2012


Trees are a bit like that too, my Poplar candicans Aurora's first leaves are plain green and don't get the beautiful big cream,pink and green markings until about june, I wonder if its that the plain leaves are more able to photosynthesise helping the plants spring growth?

30 May, 2012


Thanks for all your input everyone - I hope it changes a bit with age. Not too keen on the brightness of this without the darker colour to break it up a bit. Here's hoping it's a spring thing!!

30 May, 2012

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