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I am having a terrible problem with blanket weed in my pond. There are no fish in the pond and I have been trying chemicals to kill/stop the weed without any success.
I am thinking of installing a solar powered filter to see if that helps.
Any advice would be appreciated especially if you have tried a solar powered filter.



if you get a filter with an 'in line' uv light that helps to kill the spores of this dratted nuisance. the other thing you can do is use a stick and wrap it round and keep removing it. do you have plants in the pond? if yes make sure you use a low feed specially formulated compost for aquatics or just plant them in washed gravel. excess nutrients in the water will feed the blanket weed.

30 May, 2012


A hair brush tied to a broomhandle will help to remove it, leave the weed on the side for a while to let the pondlife escape
My koi carp eat it.....

30 May, 2012

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