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Are there and do's and don'ts with laying roll out grass. What condition does the lawn have to be in. Thankyou



There are quite a few so may I direct you to my website where this llink along with its related links should answer your question;

30 May, 2012


The expert above has lots of good advice. But it sounds from the way you have worded your question that you may be planning to lay it on top of an existing lawn. Or have I got that completely wrong.

If so, you can not do that. You have to prepare a fresh base for the new turf , with levelling and raking and raking and tamping down to get a good new level weed- free and stone-free surface.

30 May, 2012


Thankyou for your replys. I have removed all of the old lawn, it was mostly moss. It is reasonably level but is really hard due to the hot weather recently. I have read the advice on Teegees' website which was very helpfull. Should I water the soil before I lay the turf or does that not matter. What I really need is a man to do it for me lol. Thanks for your help.

30 May, 2012


It it is hard then water it to soften it and then rake and rake to get it as level as possible otherwise the new turf will be hard to mow with bumps and dips in the lawn. It is important to water the lawn after it is laid because new turf dries out so quickly especially in this warm weather. Every day or more than once a day depending on the weather. Dont feed it , just water it. You need to wait till the grass is about 2 inches long before giving it its first cut, with the mower on a high setting so you dont scalp it.
Yes it can be hard work getting the earth ready and level but worth it in the end. Your new lawn is going to be there for a very long time and will be a real pleasure if it looks good.

Good luck

30 May, 2012


You mentioned that the previous lawn was covered in moss!

This is sometimes caused by poor drainage!

Prior to preparing your lawn did it drain well after heavy rain? Or did it 'pond'?

That is; Did water remain on the surface?

Is the lawn level or on a slope?

What is in my mind is if the drainage was poor previously it will also be that way after you relay the turf if you do not improve the drainage prior to relaying.

If you lay a bed of sand prior to laying as suggested on my website this will improve drainage but if there are any hollows on the existing surface the water may still continue to remain in these, hence my reason for asking if the lawn is level or on a slope.

I look forward to your reply!

30 May, 2012

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