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I have a four year old red robin tree approx 6ft tall. It has been necessary for me to move it which I did at end of April. It is now losing leaves and the tips seem dead. How can I revive it please?



Give it lots and lots of water every day to see if this helps. It may take a while to recover enough for you to see new growth, if it is going to recover, that is.

30 May, 2012


I agree and also I would be tempted to reduce it in size and give it a light trim, at least cutting off the dead bits.

30 May, 2012


If its suffering, reduce the topgrowth by at least a third to lessen the stress on the roots - water frequently and plentifully until autumn/winter.

30 May, 2012


Whack it right back to about a foot, Dont panic it will just look like a thick twig, Feed it and water it and wait.

31 May, 2012

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