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I purchased a bare-root damson tree in September last year from a trader in Sudbury Market, Suffolk. I planted it straight away and waited for it to shoot in the spring, but no joy. However, the root stock (name unknown, but probably St Julien A) has started sprouting. I believe that the root stock is probably a wild plum so it might be a good idea to let it grow and see what happens. We would only use the fruit for jam-making. What do you think?



You could but I'd want to talk to the stallholder, after all the graft has failed and you can't be sure how much fruit you will get

30 May, 2012


Also wild plum trees tend to be rather large so it is unlikely that one would be used as a root stock. Bare rooted trees should not be lifted for selling until November and no reputable grower would sell them in September. I would be wary of buying a tree in a market you really don't know what you are getting or how well it has been cared for - better to go to a fruit nursery.

30 May, 2012

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