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Chestnut Tree what is wrong with the trunk?

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

There is a lovely chestnut tree in the communal gardens but about 3 years ago I noticed a sticky patchy oozing out of it. Now I have noticed the trunk is shedding its bark almost like a snake shedding its skin. Otherwise the tree is in full bloom leaves look healthy.




Try pouring a Jeys fluid diluted solution on the wound it workd for me with our 200 yr old Horse Chestnut tree.

4 May, 2009


From an article in The Independant -
The trees have already been stressed by three winters of drought. But now in their weakened state they are suffering from simultaneous attack by a pest, the leaf miner moth, whose larvae eats the leaves, and a disease known as bleeding canker.

This causes a dark liquid to ooze from spots on the trunk of a tree, which can quickly develop into large damaged patches, spreading all the way around the branch or trunk until limbs fall off, or the tree falls over.

Also look at :

There is no chemical treatment currently available.

4 May, 2009

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