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The plants in my garden which last year were thriving seem to be dying. Their leaves seemed to have gone very dry and curled up. They are watered as before. Can u help.



What plants are you asking about maxine? the weather has been SO changeable this year,I have asked the same thing about one of mine.We are all confused it has only just stopped the most torrential rain I have seen for a while,after 2 weeks of lovely hot sunny weather.Oh and welcome to GOY (:0)X

30 May, 2012


although we have recently been through lots of rain,the ground has had the best part of two years of little summer rain and two very dry winters,therefore the ground on the whole is generally very dry,as already established plants especially trees have such mature root systems,newer plants are in direct competition for the reduced available water,under normal conditions we normally nurture a new planting for it`s first year,but to my amazement earlier this year i moved a eunonymus that had been planted for just over a year and it`s root ball was very very dry. so my advice is to keep a sharp eye on the dryness around the immediate plant root the poor plants could be as confused as i over the strange weather of this year to date.we`ve lost a couple of plants this year, to which i have put down to dry ground an desicating winds.
welcome to GOY by by the way and you will meet some very knowledgeable people on here

30 May, 2012


Is it possible they might have been caught by spray drift from a neighbour's weedkiller? It doesn't take much

30 May, 2012

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