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By Newdawn

Kerry , Ireland Ie


I would appreciate some info on two plants. One I bought some years ago and left in a container until I was ready to plant it, unfortuntly I lost the tag. I wonder is it a type of hedge? The other I found growing maybe its a weed!

Picture_001 Picture_002



The first one looks like a privit or ligustrum ovalifolium

Second one looks like one of the wild violets and can certainly be a weed as they spread everywhere

31 May, 2012


I'd swap it for many of my weeds!

31 May, 2012


Hear hear......anyone like some cleavers....

31 May, 2012


No thank you, I have all of both I can deal with!

31 May, 2012


Thank you all so much.
As for the wild violet, out it goes. I too have enough weeds.

As we are on weeds, what is a safe weed killer to use under a hedge and around perennials, such as lupins, Shasta Daisy and Hostas. I get really tired of hoeing as I have a large garden.
Thanks again everyone.

1 Jun, 2012

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