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Can anyone help i have a fox that keeps fouling

North Wales, United Kingdom Gb

It has already killed my cucumber plants .Can anyone give me any tips to deter them



ive been told that those animal deterrant that make high pitched noises that we cant hear work for lots of animals including foxes, but you have to be careful of your own pets like cats and dogs

fox mess is really really yukky and dogs love to roll in it

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4 May, 2009


I had a problem with badgers digging up my lawn, last year - and foxes regularly taking my hens. Not wanting to resort to a shotgun, I bought one of the ultrasonic repellants that you mention, and have not had a problem since.
They are specific to the size and audible frequency of the offending creatures, and cats and dogs are not affected by the frequency I use; not mine anyway:) You can adjust the frequency level for different animals...
Nothing worse than fox poo, but you're right, dogs seem to love it!!
Good luck...

4 May, 2009

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