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Hello -- I have three tomato plants which I have grown from seeds I bought in Majorca last Sept -- they are in my greenhouse and look very healthy -- they are just over a foot tall -- my worry is there is no flowers appearing -- is this usual or unusual -- should I be feeding them -- I was told not to feed until the flowers appear -- Winifred



You should see the start of the first truss in the tips of the plants anytime now. Too early for flowers by the size of your plants.

31 May, 2012


And that's right about don't feed them yet! You want to feed the fruit, not the leaves, so wait until it has set on the plant. They'll get a lot bigger than a foot tall!

31 May, 2012


Many thanks to Scrumpygrat and Cornishsally for your replies re my tomato plants

31 May, 2012


Just for future reference, keep tomato plants in their pots until the first flower truss occurs and the first tiny fruits start to set, and THEN plant them out. If tomato plants have too good conditions too early on, they tend to miss the first or even second truss.

31 May, 2012

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