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I have a geodesic dome, diameter around 6m. I'm growing vines, figs, blueberries etc in a 1m wide disc around the edge & I'm trying to get grass to grow properly in the middle. The grass is stadium turf. It's dying slowly despite feeding, watering etc. Help please..



Maybe it doesn't like the heat and you should look for grasses suited to hot,humid conditions

31 May, 2012


Lawn grasses aren't really suited to growing in those conditions - if you really want a lawn, dare I suggest artificial lawn - there are some very good, realistic ones about these days.

31 May, 2012


Reply to Pamg: thanks but it's no hotter, or more humid, than, say, the masters golf course at Augusta or the DSC cricket stadium in Dubai. What it doesn't have is natural air currents.

31 May, 2012


Phil g. I think you have answered your own question, It doesn't have the air circulation. So maybe if you stand fanning it all day, it may have a chance. On the otherhand as bamboo says you could always use plastic lawn. Especially as you are growing vines that may or may not shade the area below. Then you might want to reconsider growing grass for shade. There is one form of grass not on the market, that would romp away and you could keep short and it would behave............. if regularly mowed.................. couch :-)

1 Jun, 2012

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