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Not so Blooming Forsythia


By Patti

About ten years ago, I cut back a very large and very old forsythia bush. Someone told me I cut it back at the wrong time, because the following year it never bloomed. My problem is, it hasn't bloomed since! What did I do to this poor bush and how do I get it to bloom again. It gets green but never blooms. This year is the first year I saw maybe 10 flowers on it. It is so pathetic.

On plant Forsythia



When you say cut back do you mean right back into old hard wood stems? As you probably realise now forsythia flowers on new growth from previous any new green shoots this year will carry next years flowers.The stems that flower this year will not flower next year but bear new growth that will.Subsequently if pruning missed they get tall and leggy only bearing flowers at the top.If done at wrong time and into new growth next years flower stems have been removed.
If you have new growth that has not flowered leave till next spring and when finished flowering cut back to shape.

25 Apr, 2008


It was very old and growing wild so I cut back old wood and new wood. It has not flowered since! It turns green every year, but this year I have maybe 10 flowers in all, all over the bush! It doesn't bloom like any forsythia I have ever seen. I also have a hygrenga that gets enormous each year but has yet to bloom. It gets new growth from the bottom, have never seen budding on old wood.

27 Apr, 2008

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