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i have all dry patches like straw, and bald patches on one side of my garden, is this due to lack of food or what?

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Are you asking about patchy grass Beverley? And welcome to GoY!

31 May, 2012


If it is your lawn, don't worry. As soon as we get some rain, it'll green up quite quickly.

31 May, 2012


"Straw" is usually lack of water, or occasionally the end stages of some disease. Bald can be long continued drought, long continued disease, too much wear, or severe grazing by rabbits, or the like.

31 May, 2012


If this is your much treasured lawn that has brown straw patches. I suggest you raise the height of your mower blades..................
Bowling green lawns are made up of certain very fine grasses that can withstand height of miniscule measurements. Utility lawn really ought to be about 1" at the very minimum. shorter and you are scalping the plants of their chances of staying green. The bare patches could be caused by any number of reason.
Post a pic of the whole thing and we will get more ideas of problems.

1 Jun, 2012


My lawn does this when dry as it is now but come decent rain it recovers. A photo would though help though in case its something else like animal urine?

1 Jun, 2012

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