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How to attract back the birds to my new/moved bird table

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I have had a free-standing bird table in the centre of my very small garden for years and the birds flocked to it. I got fed up moving it every time I had to cut the grass so when it fell apart I bought a lovely white wall mountable one. The freestanding table in the photo is now GONE. The new table is only about 4 ft away from where the original table stood but I don't think a single bird has visited it yet! any suggestions for how i attract the birds back?! (in the photo the old table is on the left and the new one to the right).




just give them time they will soon suss it out. :o)

4 May, 2009


bless them... are they getting confused if your old one is still out?

x x x

4 May, 2009


Hi - no the old one has gone now. Sorry I should have made that clear in my original posting. The new one has been up over since June last year - 10 months!!! It has always taken them a while to get used to a new table when I have had to replace the old one because it has fallen apart, but never THIS long!!! I have a peanut hanger thingy in the background I think you can see it in the photo also and they love it and haven't stopped coming to it. I just can't understand why they haven't taken to the new (and much nicer) bird table!

4 May, 2009


I can't see what the wall is, but if there is a lot of human activity it will make them nervous. They are usually quite shy and prefer to feed away from the house and near some "safe" perching spot, ie trees/bushes, where they can fly away if anything appears to threaten them.

You could try putting some worms/mealworms, maggots or some such delicacy out to tempt them! I have a mealworm feeder, which is really handy whenever I dig up any maggots etc in my garden!

4 May, 2009


very odd,
is there a window near the bird feeder? dont know if the relection is worrying them or maybe there is something on the roof near where it is, maybe they are just fussy little tykes,
can you hand a peanut hanger underneath it too to try and tempt them.

good luck and keep us posted

x x x

4 May, 2009


If you have cats in the area they are probably sitting on the roof waiting for birds to appear. You have also now got a very fancy bird feeder rather than the basic one you had before... this can scare some of our feathered friends. We don't use tables as such just the hanging tubes of nuts etc. which we position to ensure that nothing can get at the birds whilst they are feeding.

4 May, 2009


thanks for all of that! the wall to which the feeder is attached is my garage - so generally no activity inside! There ARE cats in the area but that's no different to when I had the old bird table. The only two changes are (a) the style of the bird feeder and (b) where I have put it. I think as 'Moon Grower' points out this feeder may be too fancy for 'my' birds! I am going to try hanging a peanut feeder from below it to see if that will tempt them back. I don't know! these birds are fussy eh?! will keep you all posted!!

4 May, 2009


I find birds very strange things and your question interesting, lol.

I too have a free standing bird table, similar to yours. The few birds that I do get came regularly for crumbs and stuff. Last week I decided to buy them proper food and they haven't touched it, lol. Fussy little blighters. I also hung some peanuts not one foot away from the table and they haven't touched that either.

Very puzzled I am, lol.

4 May, 2009


Have you still got your freestanding one? It may be worth using it and slowly moving it towards the wall mounted one, a bit at a time until they are together?

5 May, 2009


the old free-standing table has GONE. I only have the wall mounted one now. I am going to try hanging a peanut feeder from it at the weekend and see if that helps.

5 May, 2009


we made a new free-standing bird table and resited it off the is on a path and there is a forsythia next to it.i think the birds need cover very near to any feeder so they feel safe.just a thought..............steve

5 May, 2009


Hi Lesleyj99, I reckon you might be a bit disappointed if you try hanging peanuts up for the birds. They don't seem to rate peanuts as highly as we do. If you really want to see your bird table get busy, put out an ordinary seed feeder filler with sunflower hearts (without the shells on them). You'll be amazed at the response. And Steve's right about putting a feeding station a bit nearer to cover, shrubs, etc. Best wishes, JONATHAN H.

5 May, 2009


Peanuts might just work - our birds are more than happy to eat them, just as long as there are no sunflower hearts around lol

5 May, 2009


Hi Lesley looking at your pic I would suggest the problem is the position of your new bird table. As sure you are aware birds constantly check their surroundings whilst feeding and free standing tables allow them to escape in any direction if threatened.

You appear to have a tree next to it on one side and obviously the garage wall behind is effectively closing off 2 escape routes.If a bird were to land on it - it seems it would feel trapped by any other in coming bird.

Really not quite sure how these wall mounted ones supposed to work as its always recommended that free standing ones placed in open away from walls and hedges.
Can only assume they are meant to go above the top of a wall height - hence the angled bracket allowing birds access and escape from any direction. Think this would be tempting for cats though...

This is a very attractive feeder and doesnt look cheap if it were me I d be tempted - assuming the table can be detached from the bracket - to put it on a post in your lawn and strim around the post when cutting the grass.

I d fix an open shelf with lips to retain seed on the bracket.

I think if you were able to do this you d only be waiting 10 minutes to see birds back ..

We have a free standing table and everything tries to squeeze on it from rooks downwards in size ! Dont think they would care too much what it looked like so long as in right position ..

5 May, 2009


Thanks 'Bonkersbon'. That's a very comprehensive answer! Yes you are right it wasn't cheap and I thought it was lovely looking but the birds obviously don't agree. There is a hole in the bottom on the feeder where it attaches to the wall so I will see if I can convert it to attach to a pole and try sticking in the earth and see what happens. Thanks for everyone's suggestions!!!

5 May, 2009


I've updated the photo to show the new bird table from a better angle. I am wondering if that tree/tall bush growing almost through the table is the problem. Maybe I should cut it back. Or better still do you think I would be better off moving the table down to the end of the garage, where the two hanging baskets are just before the black garage door? appreciate everyone's thoughts on this!!!

5 May, 2009


Hmmm..... I personally wouldn't cut the climber back. You could always try moving the table near the black door and see what happens. Don't forget, some birds, like greenfinches and chaffinch's are feeding their young and do disappear for a while. Make sure the peanuts are the safe sort and only obtainable from a wire mesh. Peanuts may be taken to the nests and kill the young birds. Sorry!
Not much help there, eeeek!

It could also just be the wrong time of year to tempt birds. But I feed my robins and great tits mini mealworms, that guarantees these visitors!

6 May, 2009


Yes the peanuts are in a proper wire mesh feeder. I have another one already hanging up and the birds are all over it. The birds do sometimes disappear but not for almost a year! Plus they are still appearing at the other peanut feeder - they just don't seem to like this new table!

7 May, 2009


After many many months the birds are now flocking to my bird table! Don't know why as I had all but given up on them EVER getting used to it! Maybe the colder weather now has made them less fussy! thanks for everyone's suggestions/help.

18 Oct, 2009

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