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What can i do with this

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Any ideas what I can do with this patch. Under the pot is another drain cover. I hate this area not only because it's the first thing you see as you come out the back door but the pea gravel just looks dirty. Will probably get some different stones but just on the off chance anyone has a brainwave...please let me know. Thanks!




Is there a membrain under the gravel if there is some sort of soil or gravel I suggest you plant herbs such as thyme , sage, rosemary, mint , chives which ever you use most according to the space.putting the larger ones at the back they will be contained in that area and would be near the back door for picking easy from the kitchen if its raining.My daughter built a new house 2 years ago and she had a strip alonside the side of the house between the path and the next door fence, which was filled with pea gravel, so I planted that up with all herbs. The greenary takes the eye off the gravel.
I just dug some sort of hole best I could and put a handfull of peat in with them and covered the gravel back over. They came beautifully.

4 May, 2009


ooh I love little snug corners how about some herbs growing from various size pots then you will have an awash of scents as you come out the door, and handy too if its near the kitchen!!

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4 May, 2009


someone on the same wave length as me

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4 May, 2009


Depends how dry / wet / cold / shaded that small patch is. I would grow the right kind of plants in pots to suit the conditions. Or one big pot with a feature plant if you are not into pot gardening or dont have the time. If you want something completely different, a small dry Japanese zen garden (If you Google search that you may get some ideas)

4 May, 2009

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