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Is this a maple tree?

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

This beautiful tree is right outside my window. It is around 15 feet high with beautiful tawny red leaves. It goes bald in the winter no flowers or berries. Is it a maple tree? Its around 20 years old. Than you, Liz.




It could be an acer of some description

5 May, 2009


It looks like a maple tree. A close-up of the leaves would help.

5 May, 2009


if the leaves are a single blade then it isnt an acer. this does look as if it is from what i can see of the leaves.

5 May, 2009


Yes I'd be very surprised if it wasn't an Acer.

5 May, 2009


Hi Liz, do the leaves look at bit like a Sycamore? If so it is undoubtedly an Acer - probably palmatum 'Atropurpureum'

5 May, 2009


It's a beauty. I go for Acer as well.

5 May, 2009

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