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I have uploaded a pile of piccies ..
Hi again all - I have taken a slightly different tack and uploaded lots of pics with questions in the comments, as felt that would be more appropriate than spamming this page with loads of questions. Please stop by my album and have a look if you could and keep me right. I am on a very limited budget and really want to keep hold of what Ive got and start building on it :) x



Have you put questions with the photo,s?

2 Jun, 2012


Thanks to all who took the time to read my comments and questions on the pics I uploaded last night. I've had a lucky day today at a car boot sale, I was getting something g at a stall that was £3.00, and under the table I spotted the RHS A to Z encyclopaedia of garden plants, said to the fella if you don't want to hung that home I will take it, he agreed so I've now got a wonderful reference book :) its got I to in over 15000 plants!!!! I also bought 3 x 70 litres of compost, and a big box of blood fish and bone, going to remove some bits from the overcrowded borders and put them into tubs and pots for now x thanks again xxxx

2 Jun, 2012


Thanks again everyone who has gave me advice so far! Its been back to basics in the front for me tonight, all the dahlias, viola etc are now up and in containers, keeping sad heuchera 1 and 2 company. I've divided my primula, flowers went over a few weeks ago do should be ok? I've forked over the ground round what's left behind, some pinks, hot pokers, potentilla a couple of lilies, and my iris which has opened and looks great. Now got another few questions, theres a peony out front that's 2 years in the claggy gunk in the front, that's only got 2 leaves and a tiny bud leaf, there's just over a hands width between the 2 full leaves, I've forked round it a bit and watered in some blood fish and bone, do I leave it til autumn or dig it out and pot it up, I've ran out of pots and containers for now (had to use the tubs fruit comes in for rescuing my 4 year olds seedlings, got about 18 I managed to get out whole)

4 Jun, 2012

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