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By Lujean

WA, United States Us

How do you keep them from eating your garden? Im new to snails. Any ideas would be helpful.



There are as many remedies as the are snails! I find snails 'easier' than slugs though. You are able to find snails during the day when slugs have gone to ground. At least you can pick them up and discard them. If you aren't into spreading slug pellets around there is copper banding, humming tape, gravel, crushed egg shells and good old vaseline. It's a horses for courses type thing where you will want a different weapon for different areas, crushed egg shells for your veggies, vaseline around your pots, pellets on your lawn etc ..... The most rewarding defence is attack - just a slow wander around your garden at dusk or after a rain shower with an empty bucket and count how many you can capture! Just be careful where to empty the bucket, our council provide us with wheelie bins with snail proof lids! Good Luck!!!!

6 May, 2009

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