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can i mix tomatoes and strawberries in planter

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i only have a very small front paved area and rear yard, lucky for me the front gets sun all day but space is at a premium, my son has just given me a pop up strawberry planter, can i mix both strawberrys and tumbler tomato plants together in this planter or will the fact that i will need to feed the toms have an adverse effect on the strawberries. thankyou Sue xx



I would say no i think its either the strawberries or the tomatoes are very thirsty plants .... but then Im a newbie to this so may be wrong, Ive found this on the internet about what you can plant near each other

hope it helps

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6 May, 2009


Tomatoes need a high potash liquid feed, and daily watering. If you overwater strawberries (which also don't need the tomato feed), they won't be sweet at all. Not a good combo, therefore.

19 May, 2009

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