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Can I grow cucumbers in containers?


By Karens

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I'd like to grow cucumbers in a container. My space is limited and my family is small so I'd like just one plant. Are non-pollinating varieties truly non-pollinating, or do I need more than one plant?

On plant Cucumis sativus (Cucumber)



I grow a Cucumber plant every year and it is all female I find one plant is all I need as im the only one who eats them , I thin the cucumbers out from the plant as they appear so that I dont have too many , I find it very easy to grow and look after . Hope this helps

25 Apr, 2008


Like Weemamabell I grow Q's out of doors. I grow three individual plants each in a 12" x 12" x 12" container sited against a SW wall of the house. The variety is T&M's Cucina F1 Hybrid "Great for the Luchbox". They produced over 100, 3 - 4 inch Q's from late June to mid September. All they require is planting, watering, feeding, suporting with a single cane, tying in and harvesting every other day when fruit development starts. The great thing with this variety is you pick only what you need to consume immediately unlike traditional Q's which invariably are too large for one "sitting". These are just great for individual salads or as an individual contribution to the kids 5 a day. Worth a try. Dioon11

26 Apr, 2008


I think if you just want cucumbers, one plant is fine. If you want sustainability so you can grow them next year without repurchasing the seeds, you need two plants for the cross-pollination. I am about 95% positive on this but not 100%.

31 May, 2009


Hello there.ive grown cucumbers (from seeds) in a pot,and i had no problems at all,i got about 10 cucumbers ( more still growing) and i was really pleased with's the first time ive grown them and im def going to little tip tho dont put them in to much sun light mine didnt like it..and when it gets to about 6ft pinch out the bud in the middle,this will stop it from growing bonkers..It will also need plenty of support as it can get a bit top heavy.
Hope this helps.


8 Aug, 2009


I have sucessfully grown lebenese cucumbers in large pots, I use chicken wire wrapped around the pot to support the vine. I also tie the vine to the chicken wire for extra support.

23 Sep, 2009

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