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Tips on growing giant pumpkins

west sussex, United Kingdom Gb

My daughter has arranged a friendly competition amongst her friends, to see who can grow the largest pumpkin which we will photograph and compare each few weeks. I am going to put mine in a brand new allotment patch that's not been conditioned in any way. Does anyone have any tips for growing giant pumpkins please?



No, sorry, I don't! Hopefully someone else can help! The only thing I can say, is water it well and feed it well, maybe with natural seaweed liquid, or even tomato feed, that does well for everything. It contains equal amounts of nitrogen for leaves, potash and potassium for flowers and fruit (ie the veggie!)

If you need help on planting the seeds, potting out etc, ask these as it grows, or read previous questions. Have you tried typing "pumpkin" in the search box? See what comes up, :-)

6 May, 2009


Thank you for your help anyway.

6 May, 2009


Good luck!

6 May, 2009


I've just read in Carol Klein's veg book: Long, hot summers are ideal in fertile, moist soil. Provide the sunniest, most sheltered spot and improve the soil before planting with general purpose fertiliser. To grow a giant pumpkin, leave 1 fruit on the plant. Water well, feed (with tomato fertiliser @ 2 weeks) and protect from pests by sitting it on a brick.

7 May, 2009


I googled how to grow and it says you need 400 sq ft per pumpkin. I had to laugh as that is probably bigger than my allotment! Its very sunny but quite windy so I shall have to keep an eye on it. My daughter has told me she is growing hers' in a pot. (I think I could win the competition)!!

7 May, 2009


Just be sure that the pumpkin seedling is protected from molluscs. Usually a cut up empty soft drinks bottle is ideal.

If you don't have a brick laying around, use straw, a tile or similar. Basically to keep it off the soil. Have fun! Let us know what happens, lol!

7 May, 2009


Hi Cammomile, A lot depends on which variety you choose to sow the seeds of. Different varieties of pumpkins will grow to different sizes. (The same is true of sunflowers, which people do not always realize). The world's biggest variety is called 'Dill's Atlantic Giant' pumpkin. Be warned though, you may need a skip and a crane to remove it eventually. It is available from Thompson and Morgan seed catalogue (page 176 of).
I hope this information helps and is of interest. With kindest regards, JONATHAN HALES.

8 May, 2009

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