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My pineapple broom looks very sad.


By Mooney

United Kingdom Gb

It is all branch with just a few leaves right on the top. It is about 8ft tall so looks very bare and strange.I live in lincolnshire - and it can be a bit windy but it is in quite a sheltered spot surrounded by other shrubs. Am not sure how much sun it gets -a fair amount i think. I have not pruned it - not sure if that is the problem. Am thinking of removing it as it ooks so sad. Camera gone awol so no photo I'm afraid. But think you can imagine the problem!

On plant Cytisus battandieri



Yes, non-pruning it is correct. I did exactly the same with mine.I am now growing a Clematis up it and bought another Cytisus and that is now pruned as I am going to kep this one as a large shrub.

6 May, 2009


I have one of these, It is full of flowers the smell is mouth watering, and the bees love it, I prune mine twice a year, I'm going to layer 2 of the branches so that i can grow one in a pot, the other my friend wants (If they take).

Gail x

12 Jun, 2009

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