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hi there some advice please. I have a pond which i would like to make a living willow cover for. my concern is the roots as i believe willow roots can cause damage to drains etc searching out water sources of course the strongest source would be my pond, would i be better to think again. many thanks.



Its true. If you can't plant the willow a fair distance from the house and from any drain best think again. Danger to these would be worse than potential damage to the pond!

3 Jun, 2012


Also the living willow will drop its leaves in the pond which will then rot and cause problems.

3 Jun, 2012


Not sure I really understand your question Joanna, could you explain what a 'living willow cover' is please. I get the feeling you don't mean an actual tree but could be completely wrong.

3 Jun, 2012


Do you mean like a woven willow screen or fence using live willow

4 Jun, 2012


Have a read of this joanna .It covers living willow structures :-)
It seems to suggest you can keep the roots under control by very regular pruning but depending on what living structure you are planning it might be quite hard I would have thought !

4 Jun, 2012

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