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By Hank

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Poppies (out of my depth.)

I've never had the slightest interest interest in flowers until today when I noticed a huge, bright orange poppy in my front garden. Can I take the head off and set the seeds To grow more ? If so - details please.



The seeds will set by themselves if you leave the flower on the plant. When the petals drop they leave a roundish green seed capsule with a little frilly top like a small crown. When the seeds are ripe (this takes a while so be patient and keep a check on it) this lifts up like a little lid so there are gaps underneath it. As soon as that happens get a bowl or something, bend the stem over a bit and gently shake the ripe seeds into the bowl. They are black and very small. Then keep them until next year preferably in a small airtight jar but they'll probably be OK in an envelope as long as its somewhere dry and cool.

If you want advice about sowing them next year put another question on here then.

3 Jun, 2012


You could also shake the little pepper pot of seeds around and let them do their own thing. Otherwise I find seed is better sown fresh mostly fill a pot with potting compost sprinkle the seeds over cover very lightly with fine grit and stick in a corner somewhere with a label. Check next spring to see what is going on.

3 Jun, 2012


My friend just sprinkles them around whete she want them and thins next spring if nessesary

4 Jun, 2012


Certainly the easiest way Pamg

4 Jun, 2012


Well that's what happens in my garden as I never bother to collect the seeds but I thought Hank was asking how to collect them. They do their own thing anyway - I sowed some one year and nothing - then a couple of years later some appeared in a different bed altogether where I certainly hadn't sown any! Must have moved some soil around at one point.

4 Jun, 2012


I am totally impressed by the way plants migrate themselves to where they want to be, rather than where we plant them! Our arisamea's seed themselves in the oddest places!

4 Jun, 2012


I was asking the whole thing as I haven't a clue ! Thanks y'all, problem solved as usual.

4 Jun, 2012



7 Jun, 2012

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