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Is it normal to have pink flowers on a laburnum tree

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I have a yellow laburnum tree which always been yellow but I have a shoot from the trunk with pink flowers



its bean grafted to strong root stock and thats wear the pink is comming from

6 May, 2009


I havent seen any colour other than yellow. could you post a picture as I'd love to see it.

6 May, 2009


Well done Np, I thought it was something like that, but thought I'd better leave it to the experts to confirm it, lol!!! I'd love to see it too, pretty please, with cherries on top! :-)

6 May, 2009


Is it from high up the trunk or near the soil. and is the flower the same form? I am really intrigued by this. :o)
just been on thr rhs site. it is laburnocystisus a hybrid of a purple broom. you can actually have all 3 flower forms showing at the same time. pretty cool eh:o)))

6 May, 2009


Wow! That's amazing!

6 May, 2009


Sounds like my Laburnum Christine...its the Laburnum Adamii with peachy coloured flowers.

6 May, 2009


very cool me to.ow i am bye no means an expert craft but i take a very keen interest in what i do. i cant even spell glad i can type as you would see just how bad i was lol .i watch lots of animal nature progs always have.i know a few bits and pieces but a plantsman i am not.thanx anyway craftlol.

7 May, 2009


Hey you are you getting on with you sculptures these days??

7 May, 2009


good janey im just comming to the end of a water feacture im doing.there is a blog on it though lol

7 May, 2009


Have a look at my latest pics your blossom the same?

8 May, 2009

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