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Can anyone tell me what this is, what is wrong with it, and can it be saved, please?




I will update the photo when I'm at home. Doing it on my iPad and it doesn't let me add a picture.

4 Jun, 2012


Ah no GoY does not accept photos from i-pads.

4 Jun, 2012


The plant belongs to my inlaws. It looks like a spotted laurel from the leaves but my father-in-law says it had purple flowers, not berries. I think it might be a fungal infection and frost damage to the stem as it fell over before the hard part of the winter. He replanted it, but it's been looking worse and worse by the week.

4 Jun, 2012


Looks pretty far gone to me. The border appears to be very shallow and the shrub could well be in a frost pocket from being so close to the fence. If it came out of the ground completely when it 'fell over' and was then replanted it may not have had time to establish itself before the cold got to it. Personally I think I'd remove and replace with something different.

5 Jun, 2012


spotted laurels do have purple flowers and only the female plant produces berries. It could be a male shrub. or there arent any male plants nearby to pollinate the female.

5 Jun, 2012


Thanks, seaburngirl. I have one in my garden which has berries and is thriving. Is there any way to transplant a cutting from mine to near my in-laws plant to see if that helps? Hope that's not to much of a daft question but I'm rather a novice gardener and am learning as go.

6 Jun, 2012

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