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my summer fruiting 'Glen Ample' raspberries have small orange spots/lumps on the leaves......The picture enclosed should describe it better....What is it...? and what to do..? ............Having received a reply from Tg, i used the link to ask The James Hutton Institute in Dundee for an opinion. One of their Plant Pathologists has worked on is apparently Raspberry Yellow Rust...If severe can cause leaf loss with perhaps winter kill of the plants, but extremely unlikely and will probably go away.Destroy the affected leaves, but let them know if it becomes a real problem...Thank you , one and all.

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I think it is indigenous to the variety rather than a common disease!

I have had a look around the 'net' and found the following data;

I can't really tell from the pictures but perhaps if you read these articles and inspect your plants again after you have read them, then perhaps you can tell me what you think!

I look forward to your findings .....Tg

4 Jun, 2012


Thanks.....I looked at fruitdiseases site...definitely not that one because the spots are slightly raised if anything, more like a lump...however i am going to send picture to one of
their virologists and see if i get a reply...thanks again

5 Jun, 2012


Thank you Tg for your link, i have updated the question as i am not too familiar with this site yet.

7 Jun, 2012

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