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i have never posted a photograph of my garden yet but would like to. i have an apple computer and there isnt a place tomput the card from my camera but i believe i can get a cable does anyone with the same computer know what ive to do,thanks.



Did you not get a USB connection cable with your camera?

If not then buy a 'card reader' they are quite cheap ( around a tenner) usually card readers take a variety of cards but to be safe take your card with you when you go to buy to ensure you get one that suits your card!

If buying on line check your camera hand book for the card type and size then buy a card reader to suit.

4 Jun, 2012


You need to get a card reader, which will plug into a USB port on your computer. You then put the camera's memory card into the reader and the pictures are transferred to the computer. It all seems very complicated at first, but is well worth getting to grips with.
I don't have a Mac, but I'm pretty sure you'll need a card reader. Ask in the store. I have found that the best way to find answers when you get stuck is to google them. And I expect you'll soon have plenty of better answers from this site! Good luck!

4 Jun, 2012


I think our posts crossed there, Teegee!

4 Jun, 2012


thank you i think i will go to the apple store and ask them about a card this space!

4 Jun, 2012


You should not need a card reader with an apple computer simply use the USB cable that came with the camera. I've always used apple macs. never had a card reader and can always download photos. You will already have the application i-photo on your computer so all I've ever done is attach USB cable to camera, turn camera on, sit back and wait the few seconds it takes for them to talk to each other. Then i-photo will go through a pre-download process and when this finishes will ask you if you want to download the images; just confirm and off it will go. I wouldn't advise you to delete the images from your camera until you are sure you have them all safe on your computer. I tend to leave mine in the i-photo folder but you can create your own folders anywhere on your computer to store them.

4 Jun, 2012


Look forward to seeing your garden :)

4 Jun, 2012

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