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About moving Phlox. My advice was correct. I have moved lots of plants in this way. You just have to be
very careful not to disturb any of the roots. I knew an old lady once who moved lots of plants in the middle of summer.



Thank you Snoopdog. Its hurtful when we give advice to Goyers and someone says its wrong.

5 Jun, 2012


Don't take it to heart Diane - most replies on here are given with the best of intentions! I've successfully moved stuff at the "wrong " time of year too (and occasionally shouldn't have done!)

5 Jun, 2012


Hi all, that was my question about Phlox, I appreciate all answers but to be honest I WILL being moving them because the whole bed is being removed, so I have nothing to lose, Diane, I have moved all manner of plants in the past, including a climbing rose in the height of summer and its growing away nicely. Its all about how you go about it, i will let you know, as soon as it stops flipping raining that is!!

5 Jun, 2012


Sorry Booboo, and good luck with the move.

6 Jun, 2012

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