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Why is the foliage of my Honeysuckle turning brown/yellow and the leaves are falling before the flowers have started to bloom? The shrub which is several years old, lives in a container



The weather this year has been very variable, alternating between very warm days and quite cold days and nights. It is very difficult to water something in a container accurately, and I would guess you have overwatered your containers when the honeysuckle is not making adequate growth.
It would be far better if you could get your honeysuckle into the soil, even if it is poor, but the best thing to do is to check the soil in the container and see if it is water logged at the bottom of the container. The soil can often appear totally dry at the top while a few inches down it is water logged, which destroys the root system.

5 Jun, 2012


Thank you very much for your response.
Unfortunately, I only have paved areas as opposed to a garden so there is no alternative other than containers.

We had some spells of heavy rain at the beginning of the growing season and it is probable this may have caused the problem, although in another part of the patio there is a second honeysuckle with dark green healthy foliage, so may the drainage is better in this container. Normally, I have to take care that the shrub has enough water to support the mass of foliage and buds. Which brings me to another question, if I may ask please?

Every year I see clusters of buds but they never bloom as a whole flower since some of the *fingers* on each cluster are seemingly plucked out. Thinking it might be birds, I netted the shrub last year, but again very few of the buds were left to bloom? They disappear like magic !

Grateful for any ideas.

7 Jun, 2012

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