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lichen killing my acer?

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

is this lichen killing my acers? Both of my lovely acers have dead branches. The lichen grows then after a while the branch gradually dies. This is not just affecting my acers but other fine branched shrubs also.




So far as I am aware lichen does not kill any tree/shrub it is on... We regularly get small branches dying off for no apparent reason and I just snip them out cleanly.

7 May, 2009


I agree with moongrower, I too have three largish acers and I have had to snip some branches off that have suffered die back. Also I have some lichen growing on two of mine. I believe it grows if the air is clean.
It dosent do any harm to your trees.

7 May, 2009


Acers are often temperamental. Best in partial shade. I too love Welsh Poppies, They seem expert at knowing the right place to grow. Trees and Things is right Lichen is a sign of good clean air and wont hurt anything

7 May, 2009


I disagree- I have an acer and the lichen is gradually killing off the smaller branches and side shoots which are dying only where the lichen is most severe. I looked this up a few times and got the same answer as above, that lichen doesn't hurt anything, but having spent quite a long time carefully picking off as much lichen as I could without damaging the acer, it is perking up and new shoots are growing

22 May, 2013


Hi Pegaritalita and welcome to GoY. How are you growing your acer? As i still believe that lichen will not kill a happy growing tree.

22 May, 2013


I can only think of lichen killing stressed Acers

25 Jan, 2016

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