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is it possible to prune miniature acers?


By Millie

kent, United Kingdom Gb

appears to be growing all one side



Is this due to more sun/light on the one side? If it is potted it may be easier just to turn it a quarter turn every couple of weeks. If it is in the ground then pruning may not achieve the desired results? Good luck?!

8 May, 2009


Millie any chance of a pix?

8 May, 2009


Why would you want to prune it? These are very slow growing plants?

8 May, 2009


If you absolutely have to prune an acer, wait until the leaves have dropped in autumn before doing it. Pruning it while it is in growth risks it bleeding to death

8 May, 2009


Though like Craftnutter I wonder 'why' they take so long to grow

8 May, 2009

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