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Please can you tell me why my attempts at growing sweet williams always results in failure due to rust.
Plants are watched and treated for the problem when the risk looks imminent but then quite suddenly they are covered in brown spotting.They have been planted in a new place each year.What am I doing wrong and how can it be avoided



Without knowing what you do I'm afraid I can't help!

Its something I have never come across but then I might go about it differently!

This is how I propagate/grow mine;

If you grow them differently then let me know how you differ then we can take it from there!

7 Jun, 2012


Do you buy them in or grow from seed, Igrow from seed, sprinkling one year to flower the next, its not a problem that I have ever noticed here

7 Jun, 2012


Not a problem I have encountered either. But it can happen in these plants. Pustules may appear on the underside of the leaves. Do avoid watering from above if you can and take off affected parts of the plant.

7 Jun, 2012

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