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Hello, I have a spring flowering blossom trees (one of those classis pink ones, but I don't know anything more specific) and I've noticed this year it's growth is uneven. On one side it is very healthy, branches growing, lots of leaves, on the other, the branches are much shorter, some are dead but there is some new growth. Should I cut back the healthy side to balance the tree? Is there anything more I should do?



I am guessing you mean an ornamental cherry tree!

I have Heard of other cases of this problem this year,plus I was tidying my one up a couple of days ago and it was affected in a similar manner to that you describe.

I have mentioned elsewhere about physiological problems that are around this year, and I think this might be another one of these which I put down to the weather, or should I say " climate change"!

My cherry tree started flowering on some branches at Christmas time the the flowers died back but no leaves appeared as happens after normal flowering time.

Then came normal flowering time and the remaining branches flowered then leafed up but the ones that flowered at Christmas didn't.

Not knowing what to do because I couldn't find a record of such an event I have pruned out the leafles,possibly dead branches.

8 Jun, 2012

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