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By Nariz

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I was taking a closer look at the seedlings in my plastic greenhouse today and discovered this 'damage' on a pepper seedling and a basil seedling. What is it? Yet another b****r to deal with?

Insect_damage_001 Insect_damage_003



It looks like aminopyralid damage to me, who's compost is it in?

I have heard that some brands of compost have been affected by this?

Have a look at the pictures here;

There is also a bug ( the name escapes me) that causes leaves to curl like this, perhaps someone else can remind me.

8 Jun, 2012


Some of my fuchsias have got something like this. It's caused by aphids I think

8 Jun, 2012


Have you tried carefully uncurling the leaves to see if aphids are clustered inside? That's the usual cause, as Hywel says. It should outgrow the damage as the weather warms up.

8 Jun, 2012


Makes me think virus or tarsonemid mite infestation. In the top photograph, there's a leaf in the centre, distorted, pointing to the bottom slightly left of the picture, which appears to have two raised, slightly yellowed areas, almost like blisters. What are they - anything obvious beneath the leaf or inside the 'blister'?

8 Jun, 2012


Can't think why I didn't have the common sense to uncurl a leaf and look inside ..... aphids! Thanks Hywel and Bertie! Now I know how to progress! Thanks for your suggestions too, Teegee and Bamboo - glad it wasn't something I can't pronounce! Just the same old b****rs causing their mayhem again!

8 Jun, 2012


A lot of my seedlings this year have been like this and there didn't seem to be any aphids around. They seem to have grown out of it now thank goodness.
Glad yours are sorted Nariz - by the way, Sweet Williams are looking good! Excellent germination - enough to give away.

8 Jun, 2012


Glad you're enjoying them, Steragram. :o)

9 Jun, 2012

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