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Growing Clematis Montana into trees.

We have an old hedgerow at the bottom of our back garden, made up hawthorn, and ash and sycamore trees. A lot of the tree trunks are swathed in ivy. We'd like to grow a vigorous climber through them, such as a clematis montana, but have read it's not a good idea to put clematis with woodland trees (?). If this is the case, can anyone suggest another big fast-growing climber? Aspect is east-south-east, and the base is mainly in shade.

Thanks in advance! :)



Hi Rosie. I honestly think that the 'no trees' thing is largely a myth. I grow clematis up 6 of my fruit trees, including a Montana Elizabeth up an apple. The only real 'problem' is getting at any pruning but if, like me, you like a natural look then just do essential pruning in winter when neither the clematis nor the fruits are in leaf, except an Armandii that I had growing up a cherry which died in the winter of 2010/11. The Armandii died that is but that was the cold. If you like the idea, then do it is my advice from experience.

8 Jun, 2012


As you can see in this picture; I have no problem growing one up my neighbours hedge from hell!

8 Jun, 2012


Teegee, I'm guessing montana is easier to grow through conifer hedging than up ash and sycamore...? I was going to say commiserations on the hedge from hell, till I saw your pic. Stunning!

We like a natural look (especially in that part of the garden), so will give it a go. Thanks, both! :)

8 Jun, 2012



cor its windy today !!

I grow Montana and Tangutica in to trees and they look wonderful and Wisteria is another realy good choice but choose a stong variety when doing this.

I havnt heard you cant grow in to native trees or hedges ??

What I have done is dig out a 4 feet circle and 18 inches deep, dig it all out brake up the bottom soil and add as much compost horse muck as you can get your hands on backfill mixing in bonemeal plant about 4 feet away (tree) or two feet (hedge) then train ito a tree using a wooden pole , it all depends how old the trees are other wise better to train up on the drip line of the tree , it does look amazing when you have it dangling of the branches in full flower.


8 Jun, 2012


We have C. montana wilsoni growing over the Summer house and right over the top of a30 feet tall Hawthorn. Looks quite spectacular and we never prune. The C. Bill McKenzie is now at the top of another big Hawthorn.
As Gnarly says, make sure the roots are in good moisture retaining soil and where they can get water in the future and stand back!

8 Jun, 2012


That's great advice, Gnarly and Owdboggy - thank you! :)

And yes - South Wales is so windswept, we've had to tie everything down!

8 Jun, 2012

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