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pruning sarcaccoca


By Liza

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how to prune establish sarcaccoca



I don't know what others will think on this, but I will suggest pruning only very lightly. I have a dome of numerous Sarcoccoca plants (S. 'Confusa') which are planted quite close togeteher and which are now fully matured. The dome is about one metre tall and two and a half metres across. It can't now grow any bigger as it has got to its full height. So I prune it very lightly with a single-hand-held-snipper just to keep it in a nice shape. I give a shaping tidy up like this several times every growing season, usually only taking a couple of inches off or so. I have done this with it ever since I moved to live here about six years ago. Back then it was only half the height, and thus it has always developed in a nice compact sort of way for me. I have a suspicion that pruning/trimming too hard might reduce its ability to put on a good winter flowering. I'm glad you are growing the sweet winter box. It really is such a lovely blessing when there is a beautiful fragrance to fill the air in those dark winter days. Enjoy your lovely perfume. Kindest regards, JONATHAN H.

12 May, 2009

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