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daisy problem


By Barpau

United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone have an effective method of getting rid of daisies, short of digging them out. Inherited a lawn full of them, treated grass whch is now greener and growing well also killed a lot of moss but the daisy stands firm ! Help please!



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The lawn treatment should make the daisies seem better but then they die off. You could retreat the lawn again or buy a premixed weedkiller and paint the daisy with it. time consuming or use a daisy grubber tool and dig them up. It is time consuming but i find strangely satisfying.

9 May, 2009


Daisy in the lawn means usually that your lawn is hungry. We keep mowing these lawns and taking off the lawn cuttings and putting them in our compost bins, but you are taking tramendous out of the lawn each time, give it regular feeding with a general fertiliser, 777 which is equal parts Nitrogen, Phosphate and Pottash, or the chicken pellets you can get now are good, as they are I think 444 but equal. Fresh Chicken manure is normally very high in nitrogen but being as it is in pellet form a lot of the excess nitrogen is dried out of it. There are broad leaf sprays today that will kill all the broad leaf plants, such as Daisies, Buttercups and Planting but do not kill the grass. but mind your flower borders!!!!! but I would try plenty of nurishment first.

9 May, 2009

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