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I have jut found courgette mosaic virus. I can't understand how my courgettes have got it. I am growing them in a brand new veg trug; With equally brand new compost. The bed has been netted since it was erected. So how has this happened?
Its bad enough everything in my garden is benign eaten by slugs even with me going into the garden slug hunting at every opportunity, putting grit down and a new product from Sutton"s slug gone. Now Im loosing my courgettes. Ok rant over. Can anyone shed some light on my problem



Are you sure it is this virus and not something that has been caused by this cold damp weather?

9 Jun, 2012


What compost are you using? Did you raise the plants from seed or buy them in? How long have they been planted out? What size container are they in?

As Teegee says, the weather is playing tricks with a lot of things this year. So the wrong compost in an inappropriate container can lead to problems.
But if it is a virus, this can come from aphids or the seed itself. Not much can be done if it is seed borne, but aphid control can help.

9 Jun, 2012


There (2) growing in a veg drug 1.8 m long Horizon was the compost. They were grown from seed and hardened off. Put into the trug at the end of may with a pvc cover that came with it. Seed was new this yr growing with peas and 2 pepper plants

10 Jun, 2012


What ever it is I cut the effected leaves off the plants, no signs of fungus on the stems. The plants look quite healthy though

10 Jun, 2012

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