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I would like to move a climbing rose which is currently in flower but I'm not sure if its the right time to dig it up and move it now ? - could anyone advise ? Thanks, Ian



No, it definitely isn't. If you want to attempt to move it, do it during late autumn. If its a large climbing rose and its been in some years, you may find it doesn't transplant because of too much root loss.

10 Jun, 2012


Thanks, I'll maybe move it in late autumn then - just hope the rootball isn't to large ? Its been in about two or three years now, but having said that, it has never grown more than about 3 foot in height ? Thanks again, Ian

10 Jun, 2012


Be prepared for a long, long root that goes well down into the ground as well as shallower, more spread out ones.

10 Jun, 2012


I will be, but I think that we are going to see how tall it gets until the end of this years growing season before moving it. If it grows another foot or two this year then I may decide to leave it where it is. I wanted this plant to grow up the front of our shed but I planted it a bit far away, so if it grows a bit taller I will be able to tie it in. Thanks again Bamboo.

11 Jun, 2012

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