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Amelanchier leaves browning with dark spots on and eventually falling off??

From a distance the tree looks fine, it was only planted less than two months ago but ive noticed some very bad leaves with if not most the tree affected in various severities. Is it a disease and if so why has it happened so quickly? I can upload a picture if it helps?

Img_0536 Img_0537



A photo of the whole plant, plus one close up showing the problem, could be very useful.

10 Jun, 2012


Thanks Bamboo, ive been on holiday for the last week but it doesn't seem to have gotten any worse since i left it.

10 Jun, 2012


If you touch the underside of the rust brown spots, do they leave a mark on your finger?

10 Jun, 2012


I've just rubbed it against my thumb and finger, no residue at all is coming off.

10 Jun, 2012


Good, I was worried it might be rust, because that's certainly what it looks like. Is this plant in the ground or in a pot?

11 Jun, 2012


Thanks, phew, its been in the ground for about 6 weeks, clay soil which has had loads of farm manure worked in, also did a soil test because i knew they liked acid soil, the test came back as neutral to acidic soil.

11 Jun, 2012


Then I think we have to conclude its some kind of Leaf Spot - this can be bacterial or fungal, and is often spread by watersplash. If the whole plant is bad, I'd try returning it from where you got it - if its not all over the leaves, then hopefully it'll just pass. There's no real treatment for Leaf Spot, although sometimes a fungicide spray makes a difference.

11 Jun, 2012


Thanks bamboo. Its on pretty much all of the leaves but there's only a couple as bad as the first pic, most just have a spot or two. Do you think i should take it back or risk it and see if it passes? I was hoping it was going to be there for the long term so im not sure i really want to be stuck with a sickly tree so soon after planting it :(

12 Jun, 2012


I'd dig it up and take it back,with my receipt, personally, if you got it somewhere you can do that. As you say, you've only had it two months and it looks sickly... though to be fair, it may well be something its acquired since you got it, what with the weather being so peculiar this year, but I wouldn't admit that at the garden centre, lol!

12 Jun, 2012


Can you give an update on what happened with your tree? I have a newly planted one that spots on most of the leaves that look the same.

16 Aug, 2015

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