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The leaves on a cucumber plant are going white around the edges. It is planted in the garden in soil enriched with a compost recommended for vegetables. Any hints, please? This is not the first year cucumbers have been grown like this, but the first time this problem has arisen. (I am asking for a friend, so I'm afraid I can't provide a photo)



Could it be a mould or mildew, the weather has been awful, in a gh I find cucumbers dislike any fluctuations

11 Jun, 2012


Yes I heard on gardeners world that they hate their roots standing in water - and that's all we've had since the hose pipe ban!

11 Jun, 2012


Frost bite! :o))

No just kidding but it is cold related!

Lack of light again I would say,when a plant does not photosynthesise the leaves turn a creamy colour.

The reason for the reduced photo synthesis is lack of sunshine,low light levels (dull) and relatively low temperatures.

Come to think of it......I'm going a bit yellow round the edges too..... In my case it is; "sad syndrome"

In need of a bit of sunshine myself!

Went down the allotment this morning to do some planting out ( yes I have not got all my stuff planted out yet) it was so miserable I just about turned and came home :o((

So you see the lack of sunshine affects more than plants!

11 Jun, 2012


Agree with Teegee - cold temperatures particularly will cause leaves to whiten on tender plants.

11 Jun, 2012


Thank you for your replies, Pamg and Cammomile - answers are always so prompt on GOY! I haven't seen the plants myself, I thought perhaps it might be a nutrient deficiency, or the weather, but I have absolutely no experience of growing cucumbers. We haven't had as much rain as other areas, but it has been cold. I shall pass on your suggestions - many thanks again.

11 Jun, 2012


Thank you so much Teegee and Bamboo. I knew I would get lots of advice - brilliant. I shall pass on all the comments. Certainly know what you mean about lack of sunshine, Teegee! And it has been very dull and cool here! (Heating back on this w/e!) None of the flowering plants are responding very well. Let's hope we get some more sunshine soon!

11 Jun, 2012


I usually buy a couple of plants for the gh but its been so miserable this year I haven't yet....

11 Jun, 2012


I'm looking out on a grey, damp garden - I have to look at my photos to remind me what it looks like in the sun!!

11 Jun, 2012

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