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By Arlene

Swansea, United Kingdom Gb

~I have a white one which we have had for about 20 years gradually moving up into a bigger pot but not for quite a while.Last year we had about 17 smallish flower heads and it is desperately in need of a repot~it is totally congested..
A friend has suggested that it should be split into three and each of the pieces potted up but it may take a while for it to flower again~ I did this with a blue one early last year and it didn't flower and not sure what it is going to this year yet.
Ideally I would like to move it up into a much larger pot as it is~my question is would it still flower and gradually get a bigger plant or will it just produce lots of leaves and fill up the extra space.
Leaving it as it is ,is not an option ~advice please?
Many thanks



I'd do a compromise. cut a third off and repot the 2/3 into the original pot and it should flower as the buds should be in place now. repot the 1/3 into a medium pot and watch and wait.
dont forget to feed and water well.
someone may have a better suggestion for you. hope this helps.

11 May, 2009

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