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Can you use peat pots for potting on vegetable seedlings? I have heard that peat based pots are not good and can go mouldy so not adviseable for vegetables?

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Asking about biodegradeable peat pots for potting on vegetable seedlings. Can they go mouldy? Any advice please?



I used these to grow a lot of my seedlings and obly found I had problems with my tomatoes, so picked the bits out that I could see

other than that no probs

x x x

11 May, 2009


I have had problems with them getting mouldy. So I prefer not to use them. However, I have been told by growers that the mould will not hurt the plant....I'm just not sure I believe them!

11 May, 2009


i often sow beans in them and then pot them in the ground. they biodegrade due to mould/fungal action without harming the beans.

11 May, 2009


Hello Olive, I don't use peat pots but I should imagine it depends on the veg you are growing and the habit of the root. Good luck.

12 May, 2009

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