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We have 5 camelias about 5ft high can we dig them up and transplant them and when is the best time to do this and how do we go about it?




If they're five feet high, then presumably they've been in the ground over 3 years, probably 5 or more. If that's the case, the root system on them will be very large, and you will inevitably damage them when you try to move the plants.
You can attempt this, but its best left till autumn (although you could argue its autumn now). Be prepared to lose some or all of the plants if you do move them though. Loosen the soil around them with a garden fork, not a spade, carefully excavating soil with a spade to reveal the roots for each one, loosening and digging the soil where you need to to get each one out with as little root damage as possible. Also be prepared to have to dig down at least two spits (two spades' depth) to get out major roots that go straight down - they may go even deeper than that.

13 Jun, 2012

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