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This plant has sprung up from nowhere - I assume it's a rogue seed that has found it's way into the garden. It's about to grow a flower bud, perhaps it'll be obvious when that comes, but until then I've no idea! Anyone recognise it?

Thank you in advance :)

Photo_13_06_2012_14_04_04 Photo_13_06_2012_14_03_52



I think that could be oenothera - Evening Primrose.

13 Jun, 2012


Yes I would say it is too...just the same as one I have in my garden, they are biennial so miss a year then up they pop again.

13 Jun, 2012


Yes, oenothera biennis

13 Jun, 2012


I have this too, I think? Yellow flowers at top and from side shoots, and makes seeds in pods? Pic of mine on my page. I had one last year and got 5 this year, also I snapped a side shoot off by accident trying to pick off a slug, so me being me I stuck it in the soil to see if it would take....... And it did lol :)

13 Jun, 2012


I think they are lovely - they flower for ages and the scent is lovely in the evening. I find they self- seed readily and I always have them, year in, year out. They are tall, and good towards the back of a border.

14 Jun, 2012

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